What is the file size of a Blu-ray rip?

Tue, Feb 8, 2011

Blu-ray to MKV, Rip Blu-ray

One common complaint I hear about storing movies on a a hard drive is the large size of the HD movie files.  Here are two rules of thumb regarding file size:

  1. ISO files are exact replications of the Blu-ray disc.  These files run about 30-40 GB.
  2. If you rip out the trailers, the menus, and the extras, you can usually get the file down to around 20 GB.

As I have mentioned before, I convert my movies to HD MKV files.  I also rip out all the extra fluff that comes on the disc.  I do not want to lose any quality so most of my files are around 20 GB in size.  I also like when I select a movie to watch, I do not have to sit through the trailers etc.

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